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    Tradable Energy Quotas (TEQS)?

    This is a scheme where we ration fossil fuels and reduce the total rations every year. Businesses pay for their rations but people over driving age

    get theirs free. Rations are tradable.

    If we want a reduction in fossilenergy use and hence a reduction in material throughput TEQs will do it and
    people will adapt to a new way of living.

    The ETS isn't working because
    governments, aware of the cost-of-living issue,

    will be inclined to intervene
    to make sure the price of petrol doesn't rise

    (it interfered last December and

    then two ETS auctions failed)


    Our high energy lifestyle is costingthe earth. We need big changes quickly. With TEQs, unlike ETS, everyone is involved and has the same goal – to plan their life and work to adapt to fewer
    rations next year. It is a sure way to reduce emissions.

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    Tradable Energy Quotas (TEQs)

    is a national system

    that would ensure fair access to energy for all,

    guarantee that

    a nation actually meets its

    emissions reductions targets,

    and encourage active

    society-wide participation and cooperation in

    rapidly reducing reliance on fossil fuels.







    Let’s stop pretending that a fast enough transition 

    away from fossil fuels is actually underway 

    and that it will not have a huge impact on our lifestyles. 

    Jack Santa Barbara makes a case for 

    fossil fuel rationing.

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