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    A beginner-friendly entry point to

    information about degrowth

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    An amazing collection of resources about sustainability from a

    steady state perspective.


    Ivan Johnstone PhD

    has it thoroughly indexed,

    so it is easy to find

    particular items of interest.





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    Erin Remblence   

    Degrowth advocate and co-founder of ReBiz, an “un/school” designed to equip all people with the worldview and skills to create regenerative and pluriversal post-growth futures. ReBiz offers a core course on social tipping points.


    What are social tipping points?

    And, importantly, how do we create them?

    This is a conversation about technology, economy, imagination, politics and a just transition—because

    most people are good people.

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    is the new cool


    Timothee Parrique




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    It’s Time to Wake Up -

    The Currently Known

    Global Mineral Reserves

    Will Not Be Sufficient

    to Supply Enough

    Metals to Manufacture

    the Planned

    Non-fossil Fuel

    Industrial System


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    Interview with

    Dr Mike Joy:




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    Interview with

    Jack Santa Barbara





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    This presentation explains Degrowth as an overarching theory of change for the 21st century









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    It's an art project of sorts,

    but is also a whirlwind science summary of

    our situation


    Nate Hagen's

    Earth Day






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    short course



    As a 20 minute per topic short course,

    these are 4 summary videos on:


    1) brain behavior

    2) energy/economy

    3) environment

    4) synthesis/what to do