• Faced with the reality of climate change and the depletion of resources, director Emmanuel Cappellin is aware that a collapse of our industrial civilization is inevitable. But how can we continue to live with the idea that the human adventure may fail? In search of answers, he sets out to meet experts and scientists such as Pablo Servigne, Jean-Marc Jancovici, and Susanne Moser. They all call for collective and united action in order to prepare a transition that is as humane as possible.

    Interview with

    Dr Mike Joy:

    Interview with

    Jack Santa Barbara


    This presentation was originally given in person at the Auckland Climate Festival in October, 2022, and has been repeated and made available here for those who couldn't make it to that event. It explains degrowth as an overarching theory of change for the 21st century that compares favorably to the normal idea of sustainable growth. It will take many progressions at individual, provisioning system, enterprise and policy levels to make degrowth happen. What's needed now are political and business leaders who are prepared to call for degrowth as the new normal.



    Nate Hagen's
    Earth Day


    It's an art project of sorts,  
    but is also a whirlwind science summary of our situation.


    short course

    As a 20 minute per topic short course,

    these are 4 summary videos on:


    1) brain behavior

    2) energy/economy

    3) environment

    4) synthesis/what to do

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