The ‘Media Release’

By Ken Ross et al.

[A bit of satire, which resulted after one of our DANZ Committee meetings]


“I can’t write that!”

“Of course you can, new words get coined every day.”

“No one will know what it means – why can’t you just call it a conference?”

“’Conference’ is too tame, and any way we have well passed the stage where we will just ‘confer’.”

“Well, what about calling it a Forum?”

“’Forum’ is similar to ‘conference’ and it tends to infer the exchange is over a singular or
particular issue.”

“The UN and it’s off-shoots have ‘Assemblies’ and even ‘Gatherings’ – what about one of those?”

“Assemblies and Gatherings are for entities that are already formally established and the information is ‘given’ – it is seen as established and factual, so it can’t be debated and it
flows one way.”

“Then it's sounding like you should call it a ‘Workshop!”

“‘Workshop’ gets us closer in that we aim for discussion as well as practical work, but it is also

“I know, if you want to get attention, why not call it a ‘Convocation’?”

“’Convocation’ smacks of large and formal. It’s the realm of academics, the religious and groups like Rotary, who take themselves far too seriously.”

“If it is anything like I am feeling this minute, maybe you should call it a ‘Confusion’.”

“Do you remember the Einstein quote about “not being able to solve problems with the same thinking you were using when you created the problem in the first place”? It’s like that, we are trying to avoid the old ways of solving things, so we avoid the old traps. Hence, we need a new process and a new word.”

“Run it passed me again.”

“This process can’t be linear - it will emulate systems methodologies, so it will be organic, and
contain surprises. It will initially focus on breaking down all the structures, processes and elements that exist and are in use at present, into their basic parts. The properties of those parts and the irrelationships will be carefully studied, then new structures, process and
entities will be re-synthesised from them, fully utilising the core Principals that DANZ espouses. The result will be an entirely new ‘living and self-regenerating, creative wholeness’ that can live perpetually within the biogeochemical limits of the planet without ever creating harm – just like ‘mother nature’ did for eons, until humans and technology started to screw it up.”

“You’ve convinced me. I guess we need to call it a ‘DECOMPOSIUM’, after all.”

"Great. But shouldn’t it be “Decompostium”? - breaking things down to use in new